Our History

The month of June is upon us, and as we rally around each other to celebrate CANCER SURVIVOR MONTH, I take a moment to reflect on how far I have come over the last 5 years as I celebrate my fifth cancer-versary, with a louder voice than ever, as makers of change, since that fateful day of hearing those words...You have cancer!

With just days before the diagnosis, a majestic butterfly landed on my hand, which was to become my saving grace. Because that magical experience of believing I had received a sign from above ...

The Issue

After battling months of treatment, cancer survivors often find a bigger struggle waiting for them when they return to work –and more often, the apathy of employers to reintegrate them into the system.

Not enough time is taken to fully understand the implications of the diagnosis, the impact of treatment and long term side effects, and the treatment plans that could be available globally.

Board Members

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