Our History

To prepare for October as breast cancer awareness month, I take a moment to reflect on how far I have come over the last 5 years as I celebrate my fifth cancerversary, with a louder voice than ever, as makers of change, since that fateful day of hearing those words...You have cancer!

With just days before the diagnosis, a majestic butterfly landed on my hand, which was to become my saving grace. Because that magical experience of believing I had received a sign from above, was to become my understanding of the significance of transformation, total change, not just knowing it, but feeling it with every fibre of one's being. And to have the courage to walk the cancer journey, as the diagnosis arrived on the day of my late father's passing, from pancreatic cancer, in June 2007.

Having been forced to make the cancer change, for myself and everyone I have come in contact with, to get the message out...that there are many different ways of managing cancer, and we are all called on to become responsible for our own health. To know your health rights as a patient, and to take the responsibility of becoming an integral part of your own treatment plan.

With two official press conferences under wrap, and the 3rd press conference in the planning stage, we continue to make a meaningful difference, as we are all affected!

Not following blindly, not being led like sheep, but rather making educated and informed decisions and choices. Your efforts, together with your medical team's efforts, and by the Grace of God.

The campaign began as a result of my own late stage cancer diagnosis, the medical negligence case against the GP who misdiagnosed me and how far we went to ensure that the family GP never gets to repeat what he did to me, to anyone else, and our wish to help others cope with realities of dealing with cancer.

Isn't it strange how you never get to see the hard times in a photo album or on social media but those are the ones that get you from one happy moment to the next?  I have learned that so many things are out of my control, and the only thing I can control is how I deal with what life throws at me. YES, I am grateful to be here, alive, and have the support of my mum and stepdad , family and beloved David, close friends, supporters, colleagues and even the stalkers!  I am still adjusting to life after cancer, but after that is said and done,  it is life, I am alive! It's important that I stay positive and keep going; I know there are so many people who don't get more time, and we never know when our time will run out. I am learning how to function and thrive with my new normal.

I strive to get enjoyment out of each day and help others along the way. I am forever grateful for having found the courage to make the decision 2 years ago NOT to ever go for any tests, ever again...Now I walk in faith, with a new found sense of peace. I even got to visit the Holy Land, which was top of my bucket wish list. It is well with my soul.

There will continue to be more news on cancer treatment breakthroughs and latest technologies, from every aspect with no sugar coating! With thanks to David Salomon, as Co-founder of Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign and Board Member, whose intense research both as a scientist and chemical engineer, has paved the way forward to be able to inform others and absorb the enormity of the science behind nutrition and cancer, and to have the zest for life to LIVE LIFE DELIBERATELY and continue to help change working environments become cancer friendly, while we continue to identify and learn from the leaders in the field of cancer research and medical technology.

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