Cancer at Work

Our Live Life Deliberately programmes are designed to give you and your colleagues a better understanding of cancer.

When an employee is diagnosed with cancer, there are a range of physical, practical and emotional impacts on the person, their colleagues and the workplace that need to be managed. It is important to create a workplace culture that supports employees undergoing cancer treatment, addresses barriers that prevent employees returning to work after treatment, and supports working care-givers. Providing a supportive environment during an illness can help build team morale, encourage greater organisational loyalty and foster a positive image of the organisation.


Find out what others thought about our programmes:

- Puma Energy SA

“We thank Addi Lang from Forever Changed and Tannie Koeksister for inspiring the Puma Energy family to support #CancerAtWork. Lets clap, bow and applaud their efforts in creating positive mental health in the South African work place. #LiveLifeDeliberately #Pinktober2018 #ForeverChanged #CancerCoach #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth.”

- Cinda De Klerk

“It’s actually nice to see that someone is saying that October is over but cancer not, I cant imagine why people only focus so much on it in October, Addi, you inspired me to speak up, since I wanted to keep my diagnosis quiet, just close friends and family, and since I had chemo, and friends asking questions, I realised that the average middle class people, do not really know what happens when you have cancer, what you go through, it almost like, "it will never happen to me, so why do I need to educate myself".

- Jarred Wood

“Thank you for your constant determination and love throughout my cancer journey. You and David have always been there for me and provide such meaningful advice to the ears that are willing to listen. You have such a huge place in my little heart... I remember speaking to you after getting the 'all clear' for the first time, saying how I couldn’t have done it without you. You held my hand and with a little smile, you looked straight in my eyes and said "YES You could have, my boy." That is what the campaign has come to mean to me, no matter who you are or where you are from, there are some people who will always help simply because they are of the highest in compassion. Everyone was born with a fighter inside already. All one has to do is shake his hand, and THAT is what the campaign does, reminds us to continue the battle.”

- Shelley Southey

“We all know October is Cancer awareness month, but for me, as a survivor in the workplace, it means so much more than what the world thinks is Pink Ribbons. This session was highly educational, the campaign is enlightening and inspirational and I believe that all our staff members should have an opportunity to attend. I am VERY touched at what you said today during your presentation about the butterfly effect, I could not hide my tears. Most of the staff members here do not know that I am a survivor. It’s been a very long journey for us, and I remember that very day like it was yesterday. Today was a major stepping stone for you and David as this is what you have been trying to achieve for the last 4 years, to reach society at large, and that, is exactly what you are doing!.”

- Takunda Denya

"Dear Addi / ForeverChanged, We are WALKING a road together, as I now have both feet on the ground and would like to thank you and David, for moving mountains for me to get my prosthesis. You have opened doors for me that until that point remained closed. Thank you for helping me and wish you well with all that Forever Changed Cancer Campaign continues to do."

- Baatile Moagi

“This is the first Cancer campaign I have seen , heard of , and felt because it immersed itself in the lives of those with cancer and the lives of those affected by cancer.”

- Billy

“. I thought the presentation was raw and honest and simply put just beautiful... she left me in tears if anything and I will definitely remember this talk for ever, it was a lot of information and also the insight into what it is like to have cancer. Most of us don’t know..”.

- Anna

“(The session) was very informative especially the info from David. I'm hoping Simone can share their presentation so I apply it when buying groceries. At least now I can let people in our communities know about this kind of treatment, (IceCure) I hope they can get it (the treatment) into SA soon.”

- MediaCom SA

"Together with our Social Responsible Marketing partner, Forever Changed Cancer Campaign, we aim to make great strides in addressing cancer in the workplace and in setting standards for the media industry as well as the business landscape in South Africa"

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