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What not to say

“They’re just boobs. It’s not like you need them; your kids have all grown”.

Suggestion: “I am so sorry that you have to go through this”, or, “I can only imagine that a mastectomy must be very difficult to go through”, or, “I’m here to support you”.

Suggestion: “Would you like to talk about the hair loss?” or “What can be done to help you through this”? or “I can’t imagine how hard that must be”.

Suggestion: “Have you thought about having or perhaps not having reconstruction?”.

Suggestion: “Can we talk about your treatment plan?” or “When is your next doctor’s appointment?” or “Can I drive you there?”.

Suggestion“I am really sorry to hear about your diagnosis and am here for you which ever treatment you decide on”.

Suggestion: “May I come over on the weekend and clean your house or take your children for an outing? What do you need help with?”.

Suggestion: “I can see that cancer changes everything. Help me understand what you’re going through”.

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