Cancer Coaches

Addi Lang

Cancer Coach and Warrior

Addi was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and underwent surgery. In the same year she was appointed celebrity brand ambassador to begin the growth of the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign.

Addi and David are Executive Producers of the Forever Changed documentary (launched in the USA, 2015) and was involved with the launch of the campaign theme song “Forever Changed” by Aly Cook (promoted throughout Australia and New Zealand). Addi remains actively involved in fundraising for other cancer survivors and
educating the public and corporate sector on cancer.

In 2016, Addi developed the Live Life Deliberately program (accredited with the SA Board for People Practices) to bring about awareness of Cancer in the Workplace.

In 2017 Addi organised a press conference which was held with Members of Parliament in attendance, who spoke about the campaign and the need for a cancer policy in the workplace at the National Assembly.

Addi together with David identified IceCure Medical and the Prosense medical device and has been instrumental in bringing the treatment to South Africa.

David Salomon

Cancer Coach and Chemical Engineer

David is a scientist who has completed 4 years of intensive research in the field of conventional and holistic approaches to cancer. This includes Cancer technology and research at 2 leading international medical institutions.

David speaks from a scientific perspective about nutrition versus cancer which enables David to provide information that is not usually address in the standard medical field of oncology.

David is an accredited Cancer Coach with the SABPP (SA Board for People Practices) as well as the co-founder of the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign.

“(The session) was very informative especially the info from David. I'm hoping Simone can share their presentation so I apply it when buying groceries. At least now I can let people in our communities know about this kind of treatment, (IceCure) I hope they can get it (the treatment) into SA soon.”

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