Live Life Deliberately Wellness Programs

When an employee is diagnosed with cancer, there are a range of physical, practical and emotional impacts on the person, their colleagues and the workplace that need to be managed. It is important to create a workplace culture that supports employees undergoing cancer treatment, addresses barriers that prevent employees returning to work after treatment, and supports working care-givers.

Providing a supportive environment during an illness can help build team morale, encourage greater organisational loyalty and foster a positive image of the organisation.

The Live Life Deliberately program is to give you and your colleagues a better understanding of cancer.

The objective of our programs are to:

  • Educate employees about cancer prevention
  • Inspire employees to cope with cancer diagnosis
  • Relook at how cancer is treated in the workplace
  • Understand the impact of treatment choices
  • Encourage employees to understand health rights
  • Address diversity and disability in the workplace
  • Prevent the collapse of an employee on diagnosis
  • Support cancer survivors
  • Incorporate laughter as a tool to connect and for stress management
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